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Traptendo Sample Pack

Traptendo Sample Pack

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The Most Inspirational NES Themed Drum Kit, Samples, and Loops You'll Hear!

The Traptendo sample and loop pack features over 20 royalty free original video game inspired compositions. Plus modern one shots such as 808's, percs, snares, kicks, vox, and more. Made from scratch using Arcade Cabinets, Xfer Serum, Vinyl, D16 Group PunchBox, Arturia Drumbrute, Audiothings Had Clapper, and more. Nothing stolen from other packs. Dope dark trap, rage music (see Travis Scott), and soulful house music. A video game drum kit that doesn't suck!

A generation of retro video gaming style samples like 8 /16 bit SID and YM2413. So not only are you getting NES/SNES vibes. We also did some cool original Sega Mega Drive pieces too! No stolen or recycled compositions so you can chop and mangle them without being sued. Great for any style of music and carefully mixed by professionals. 16 bit wav format to work in all daws and drum samplers. 

  • Over 100 sounds including samples, loops, one shots, and MIDI
  • Processed using arcade cabinets & the NES
  • 16 bit wav format
  • Works in all DAWs and drum samplers
  • Royalty free samples!!!!!
  • No stolen or recycled sounds
  • Professional sound design by DJ Ave Mcree of Traptendo
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