Collection: Tone2 ElectraX Preset Banks

This is our collection of the most original Tone2 ElectraX/Electra2 preset banks on the internet! They work on both Windows & MacOSX and all DAWs. You'll find these sounds to be inspirational & obscure. They can be used for all genres of music. However, modern day hip hop, trap, and house are the landing point. People say "We have the best ElectraX preset banks in 2022 and beyond!" or "Here's what the hot producers use" on forums like Reddit. We all know that is a lie! Stop the cap bruh! Famous producers like TM88, Tasha Catour, Southside, and MP808 just to name a few have used our preset banks in many multi-platinum records. They're not free but it's from the legitimate source!
Don't believe us? Well, see for yourself!

Tone2 ElectraX Preset Banks