About Us

6teen levels (pronounced 16 levels) "diversity in sound" (the 16 level button is a feature introduced by AKAI on the classic & modern MPCs. Which primary function is giving you a diverse level of sound by tune, volume, and more. We offer you diversity in preset banks, software, hardware, digital drum kits, sample packs, MPC expansions, education, and career opportunities for all electronic musical genres. We're a family of sound designers, musicians, artist, educators, engineers, clothes designers and software developers. Quality, integrity, and interdependence is key! Iron sharpens iron & steel sharpens steel!

- DJ Ave Mcree, founder of 6teen levels 

In the loving memory of Jannie Maye Hanes


Our family crest & coat of arms

The phoenix is an immortal bird in "Greek culture" but originated in Egypt. The phoenix is born from destruction, rises, falls, and reborn to do it again. All great empires were born from poverty.