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Ocean Veau

"PRESSURE" Drumkit

"PRESSURE" Drumkit

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PRESSUR3 is an extraordinary drum kit that embodies the future of music production, setting a new standard for innovation, versatility, and creativity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, PRESSUR3 is designed to empower music producers, helping them forge their composistions and make a lasting impact on the industry. With an array of exceptional features, this drum kit propels artists to the forefront of the game, enabling them to break boundaries and leave an indelible mark.

THIS KIT INLCUDES 227 SOUNDS/FILES in high quality 16bit WAV Format

★ 44 808s                      ★ 18 Open Hats

★ 21 Claps                     ★ 23 Percs

★ 27 FX                          ★ 14 Rims

★ 28 Hi-Hats                  ★ 23 Snares

★ 15 Kicks                      ★ 14 Vox

 Key Features of PRESSUR3:

 Groundbreaking Sound Design: Immerse yourself in a world of unprecedented sonic possibilities with PRESSUR3's futuristic sound design. Carefully curated and professionally engineered, this sound kit encompasses a vast range of unconventional sounds, pushing the boundaries of traditional music production.

★ Unparalleled Versatility:  PRESSUR3 is a comprehensive toolkit that caters to a wide spectrum of musical genres and styles. Whether you're into dark trap, hip-hop, electronic, or experimental music, PRESSUR3 offers an broad collection of 808s, FX, & more that seamlessly integrate into any production.

Why PRESSUR3 is Ahead of Its Time:

1. Innovative Sound Architecture: PRESSUR3 harnesses the latest advancements in sound design technology, utilizing cutting-edge algorithms and synthesis techniques to deliver a truly immersive sonic experience.

2. Exclusive Sound Design Techniques: The sound designer behind PRESSUR3 has pioneered groundbreaking techniques that yield unique and otherworldly sounds. By using these innovative approaches, PRESSUR3 opens up a realm of sonic possibilities that were previously unexplored.

3. Unrivaled Sound Quality: PRESSUR3 prioritizes uncompromising sound quality, offering pristine audio recordings and meticulously processed samples. Each sound has been meticulously curated and mastered to perfection, ensuring your productions radiate brilliance and clarity.

In a world where standing out from the crowd is essential, PRESSUR3 is the ultimate weapon for music producers determined to redefine the game. Embrace this groundbreaking sound kit and unlock the boundless potential of your creativity. Are you ready to make your mark? Enjot the veau! LOV3


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