Mood R&B Sample Pack

Mood R&B Sample Pack

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Looking to add some smooth, soulful R&B flavor to your music compositions? Look no further than the Mood Modern R&B music composition sample pack! This comprehensive collection of samples and loops is designed to give your music the perfect blend of classic R&B vibes and modern production techniques.

Featuring a wide range of meticulously crafted melodies, chords, and progressions, this pack is perfect for producers of all levels. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, you'll find plenty of inspiration in the Mood Modern R&B pack.

And of course, all of the samples in the Mood Modern R&B pack are carefully optimized for use with your favorite DAWs and drum samplers. So whether you're using Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, or any other popular music production software, you can be sure that these samples will work seamlessly with your setup.

So why wait? Take your music compositions to the next level with the Mood Modern R&B music composition sample pack today!

  • 10 full compositions (BPM and key information included)
  • When we say "full compositions" we mean more than 4-8 bar loops!
  • 16 wav format
  • Works in all DAWs and drum samplers
  • Sample clearance guaranteed for commercial releases
  • Professional sound design by prodbyTY & Akira
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