EXTASY Reggaeton/Dancehall Sample Pack

EXTASY Reggaeton/Dancehall Sample Pack

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The Most Authentic and Modern Reggaeton/Dancehall Melody Loops

EXTASY is a reggaeton/dancehall sample pack that will leave you floored! Sometimes, starting the melody is difficult task and it'll take care of that issue alone! Sample chopping will take it a step further! As these loops leave plenty of room for sample chopping. If you're a fan of monstrously talented artist like Daddy Yankee or Bad Bunny. Heck, you might be a fan of dancehall artist like Mookski or Sean Paul. You'll find these loops will raise the bar of your music production. No need to search the internet for reggaeton plugins or search Reddit for samples that you can't clear if your record takes off!! All you need is a reggaeton/dancehall drum kit and you're good as GOLD (or should I say platinum?)! Here's what you get!

  • 13 compositions and the stems ready to go
  • All the key and BPM information provided
  • 16 bit wav format
  • Works in all DAWs and drum samplers
  • Sample clearance guaranteed for commercial release
  • Professional sound design by Hicap 
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