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Dream Schemes Vol. 1 Soul Sample Pack

Dream Schemes Vol. 1 Soul Sample Pack

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The Most Elite Soul Samples

Orange Origami Music Library releases it's second sample pack for producers to create art. "Dream Schemes Vol. 001" includes 10 compositions and can either be chopped and replayed or dragged and dropped right into your DAW. Sampling soul is an artform and this 60s style sample pack will get you there! If you want those old Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, or J.Cole style samples. Free your mind of crate digging stress and download these monstrous samples today!

  • 10 full compositions (BPM and key information included)
  • When we say "full compositions" we mean more than 4-8 bar loops!
  • 16 wav format
  • Works in all DAWs and drum samplers
  • Sample clearance guaranteed for commercial releases
  • Professional sound design by Orange Origami
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