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Doomsday LOFI Hip Hop Drum Pack

Doomsday LOFI Hip Hop Drum Pack

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Step into the enigmatic world of MF Doom with our exclusive Doomsday Lofi Drum Pack—a meticulously crafted collection of beats and rhythms designed to evoke the iconic sounds of the legendary masked villain himself. Elevate your music production game and pay homage to the masked maestro with this one-of-a-kind drum kit.

🎶 What's Inside: Immerse yourself in a sonic journey with over 400 high-quality drum samples inspired by MF Doom's signature beats. From gritty kicks to punchy snares, this pack is a treasure trove of carefully curated sounds that capture the essence of Doom's groundbreaking production style.

  • Over 400 hip hop one shot drums
  • Royalty Free
  • Processed thru the MPC 3000 LE & 2000 XL
  • 22khz SND (sound file format) converted to 44.1khz to produce "crunch"
  • Works in all DAWS & drum samplers
  • Professional sound design by DJ Ave Mcree
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