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Deceptions Vintage Sample Pack

Deceptions Vintage Sample Pack

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Classic Vintage Sound for Modern Music

Ready to infuse your house and R&B productions with some authentic vintage flair? Look no further than the Deception vintage house and R&B sample pack, compatible with all popular DAWs and drum samplers.

Featuring a wide range of classic sounds from the golden era of house and R&B, this sample pack captures the soulful, groovy vibes that defined these genres. From shimmering chords to funky basslines, jazzy keys to sultry vocals, the Deception pack has everything you need to create rich, textured tracks that will stand the test of time.

And with its user-friendly format, you can quickly and easily incorporate these samples into your existing projects, taking your productions to the next level with minimal effort. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, the Deception vintage house and R&B sample pack is the perfect tool for breathing new life into your music.

So why settle for generic, cookie-cutter sounds when you can infuse your tracks with the soul and character of the classics? Upgrade your productions today with the Deception vintage house and R&B sample pack.

  • 15 samples with scale and BPM information
  • No fluffed content
  • 16 bit wav format
  • Works in all DAWs and drum samplers
  • Sample clearance guaranteed for commercial releases
  • Created by professional sound designer  Klymax Beatz
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