vibe mechanic lofi vst plugin

New Lofi Vibe VST Plugin and it's Free!

Vibe Mechanic is a free lofi VST effect plugin (that works on both Windows & MacOSX). Designed to give you different vibe-shaping flavors, the plugin has a distortion, tone, and reverb module. Create all the way from super lush to super dry and lofi vibes in your tracks.DJ Ave Mcree demonstrates it in FL Studio but it works in all DAWs that support VST3 format. A hip hop beat is appropriate and sampling is enhanced. It has other uses like distorting basses and adding shimmer to synth sounds.

You can see DJ Ave Mcree of 6teen levels demonstrate it below

The sample pack used in that video is called Lotus and it's available in our sample pack section (click on the picture to hear the demo)

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