How Music Producers Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

How Music Producers Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for music producers (or musicians) online to earn money passively via commission promoting a product or services for a merchant. We have our own affiliate program at 6teen levels. Where you can earn money selling sample packs, preset banks, courses, apparel, and more! It's a great way for people in the music technology niche (specifically reviews, tutorials, guides, etc) to earn a percentage of profit doing something they love! Understanding ecommerce should be first nature to everyone in 2022 and beyond. Please believe it! Online is where it's at (or honestly where it's been for the last 7 years). Making money for the music community is important because being a true independent is DIFFICULT!

It's not necessary for you to have a huge following on social media to earn big but it does help. You can be a part of a Discord, Reddit, FaceBook group, and other communities. Partake in a specific topic and suggest a product based off your knowledge. Make sure that your are welcomed in that community and don't troll affiliate links!!! Remember, people dislike spammers and that's not the way to make a good impression!

However, there's a bad and ugly side too. Unfortunately, there are dishonest people who take advantage of their audience trust and sell snake old! Practice integrity and honestly. Having influence is a responsibility if you like it or not! You should hold yourself accountable at all times or your peers will! Be the beacon of enlightenment. Not the pain in someone's butt! 

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