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Masada Cycle Kit 6 Vol.2 MPC Expansion Download

Masada Cycle Kit 6 Vol.2 MPC Expansion Download

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The "Ultimate Hip Hop" 

Masada Cycle Kit Vol.2 MPC expansion download is the perfect for producers using the MPC Live 2, MPC X, MPC Key 61, MPC Software, and MPC ONE. This expansion pack includes a wide range of high-quality samples, including drums, loops, melodies, and one-shots, all expertly crafted to help you create the perfect hip hop and trap beats. With a diverse range of sounds to choose from, including gritty drums, deep basslines, and melodic synths. You'll be able to create tracks that stand out from the crowd. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned producer, this expansion pack is sure to take your hip hop and trap productions to the next level. Check out what part 2 has to offer!

  • 7 drum programs
  • Over 500 samples
  • Special round robin attributes per pad
  • Works in the MPC software & standalone
  • Professional sound design by Masada
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