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Masada Cycle Kit 6 Vol.1 MPC Expansion Download

Masada Cycle Kit 6 Vol.1 MPC Expansion Download

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The "Ultimate Hip Hop" 

Masada Cycle Kit 6 Vol.2 MPC expansion download is the perfect for producers using the MPC Live 2, MPC X, MPC Key 61, MPC Software, and MPC ONE. This expansion pack includes a wide range of high-quality samples, including drums, loops, melodies, and one-shots, all expertly crafted to help you create the perfect hip hop and trap beats. With a diverse range of sounds to choose from, including gritty drums, deep basslines, and melodic synths. You'll be able to create tracks that stand out from the crowd. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned producer, this expansion pack is sure to take your hip hop and trap productions to the next level. Check out what part 1 has to offer!

  • 7 drum programs
  • Over 500 samples
  • Special round robin attributes per pad
  • Works in the MPC software & standalone
  • Professional sound design by Masada
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